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Moving day is (almost) upon us!!

Here it is: moving day.  It was supposed to be today, but there was a mix up and a paper didn’t get to escrow from the seller on time, so we close tomorrow.  BUT, on the upside, we get to go in and start painting today.  My internet, cable and phone were shut off on Friday afternoon because we were supposed to have moved on Thursday to the new house, but no such luck, so I’ve been out of contact for a few days.  Lucky for me, a neighbor has an open internet connection that I can tap into!!  🙂  I’m going down at about 2pm to start my painting, I am painting pretty much the entire house.  Woohoo!  Color on the walls!  Something I’ve lived without for about 4 years now…  I have also continued to work on my second pair of “queen of cups” socks.  I also cast on a pair of “techguy socks” from  The yarn I’m using for my queen of cups is a GORGEOUS hand dyed merino from Brooke at her etsy shop: Check it out, she has some AMAZING stuff!  I’ll be posting pictures once my desktop computer is up and running again.  Caio!!


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Today was CRAZY

Well, the weekend was a bit lazy.  DH and I lounged around the apartment for a couple of days.  We went out to lunch and bought a few new games for our Wii on Saturday so we spent the evening playing those.  Pretty fun, nice and chill.

Today, though, was a different story.  I couldn’t sleep last night (due to the fact that I’d slept in Sunday morning) so I ended up staying up past 1 a.m. reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” because I’ve gotten back into it just in time to re-read it before the movie.  Anyway, I got up this morning to get the kids off to the bus by 8 a.m.  So, I got around 5 hours of sleep.  So, naturally I’m exhausted.  I need a good 8 to 9 to be fully awake.  So I get the kids off to their buses and then I have to get ready because I’m taking my grandma to the hospital for surgery (just lazer eye surgery) and she has to be there by 9:45 a.m.  She lives about 15 mins away from me, so I’m on the road by 9 a.m.  Then, we get there and have to wait for-ever for her surgery, which in itself lasts about 5 mins.  So we get done there and I drop her off at home.  I rush home to DH because we’re going to rush up to see the new house and my dad (who’s also our agent) only had a bit of time to show it to us.  We rush up there and get there at about 12:15 and look around at everything.  So that all goes well.  Then we leave seperately, DH goes to work, my dad has errands to run and I am on my way home.  But, I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet, so I stopped on my way home for a bite to eat.  Then, I stopped by the LYS for some size 1 dpns I needed for some socks I’d like to make.  So, finally, at about 2 p.m. I’m on the freeway (called the “boeing freeway” because it runs directly through boeing) and I’m about to get off on my exit when I hear a horrible loud noise.  I get off the exit and the only place to pull over is in the Boeing driveway, so I do and get out of the car.  I walk around and my worst fears are confirmed: a flat.  Not just a little flat, COMPLETELY flat.  Oh, and did I mention my cell is almost dead?  So I locate the number for roadside assistance (since I left my AAA card at home of course) and get them to set up a tow.  The catch?  I have to wait an hour and a half for them.  And I have to pee.  Luckily I had my knitting.  At least I got through a full repeat on my sock pattern!:) 

The tow truck came and took me to DH’s work (he works at the dealer where we got our car) and I took his car to get the kids from their mom’s work.  Oh I suppose I forgot that tidbit: I had to call the kids’ mom and ask her to leave work to get them off the bus because I was stuck and couldn’t get them.  I took his car to her work and got them, then had about an hour to make all my phone calls and then had to rush DSD#1 to gymnastics from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Pretty boring until the end when I could actually watch what she was doing.  On the way out, DSD #2 slammed the door into the car next to us and left a BIG white scratch (my car is black…?) so that was lovely.  Of course, it was McDonalds for dinner:)

 Did I also mention this weekend that my BIL (marine’s) was sent to Iraq?  He left on Saturday.  The good news about it is that my sister is coming back weeks early, so she’ll be back home on Tuesday.  Yay!  It’s good for her too because she hates Hawaii.  Go figure:P

 Here’s our house:)  Ohhh I forgot to mention above- our closing is being pushed back because of this B of a lady that won’t send in ONE stupid paper.  We’ve put in multiple calls to no avail.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day. 


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Oh, it’s so exciting!

Well, we’re getting even closer to closing on the house.  The official close date is 3/22/07, but we’ve had problems with getting our loan finalized due to all the companies filing bankruptcy, but I think we’ve finally got it handled.  We may have to push closing back a couple of days but the house is OURS!  Nothing will stand in our way now!!  We’re taking the kids to go see the inside for the first time this afternoon, so that’s exciting.  I’ll post pictures of the house later today after we go see it and I can take pictures.

I’ve also finished my “Queen of Cups” socks- pictures below:)


Queen of Cups socks

 I just cast on for the green tea raglan sweater out of IK’s Spring magazine.  I’m doing it in a light powder blue.  Because it’s a 3/4 sleeve sweater, I’m hoping it’ll be light enough to wear for spring.  Well, I’m off to get the kids- today is a half day for them.  Check in later for pictures!!

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First entry

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve joined the wide world of bloggers!  I hope I’m doing this all right:)  There will be much more to come.  Today is a fairly busy day.  DH and I went to see a movie earlier this morning.  We saw 300.  It was SOOO good!  Lots of hunky guys walking around in capes and loin cloths.. hehe:)  I’m also in the process of knitting the “Queen of cups” socks from  I absolutely love the pattern and have ordered the yarn to make 2 more pairs for people I know.  I’m off to continue knitting so I can hopefully finish my first pair tonight!  Check back, I’ll be writing in often!

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