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Our family + inlaws


Holy crap, I can’t believe it’s been since May that I last posted!  Well, I’m going to school and taking care of recently cut open pup!  My poor girl got spayed this past week (yes, she’s already just shy of 6 months, can you believe it??) so of course she’s being much too rowdy… But, what can I do?  I’ve been getting in knitting where I can, right now I’m working on the skating sweater from twinkle BCK.  It’s just something to do I suppose.  I’ve been loving Bones season 1 on DVD too:)  The in-laws were here for a visit back in June from Colorado over DH’s 30th birthday.  Well… here are some pictures just for an update.  I took all the pictures for the confessional and made a list of everything but I have yet to gather it to post on here… oh, well.  I think that dream’s dead, but we’ll see.  My sister is also about to burt… Over 8 months pregnant, I can’t believe it!   Let’s hope little Noah William doesn’t make his big debut before we throw her shower on August 18th!!


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My newest toy (coming soon: The Confessional)

I’ve been gone from my blog for awhile now, sorry about that!  I’ve been so busy with Birthdays, mother’s day and the puppy I haven’t had a whole lot of time for blogging!  But, I’m back now and coming soon is what I’m going to call “The Confessional.”  Basically, I’ll be taking pictures of all my WIP’s and posting about them here as a way to (hopefully!) keep myself from casting on anything new and getting some things done!  I think you will be amazed at how many things I’ve got going.  I feel guilty, hence the name “Confessional.”  I also want to say thanks to my wonderful Spring Fling SP who has sent me some lovely yarns and some awesome notepads and candies that I LOVE!!  And to Brooke:  I hope your trip was fun!  Will you have pictures soon on your blog???

 Okay, until later- ciao! 

 Here it is:  My first NEW car!  It’s a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe (the car I’ve been dreaming of!)  We’re now a 2 Hyundai family (with our 2005 Accent and now the Santa Fe)… Figures since DH has worked for Hyundai for awhile now 😉


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Our baby:)

Well, here she is: our new baby, April.  She’s a 12 week old little beagle girl with a curious nose and the cutest little face.  She’s a fiesty little one- so I know she’ll fit right in!  Isn’t she precious?  No time to type now- but I wanted to at least post this.  I’ll post more later (I feel like I always say this… 😉 )




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Sorry, I was reading my earlier posts and realized that I said I would post pictures of “branching out” from  SO, here they are! 

Branching out, closeup 

Here’s a picture of the length of my branching out from  I’m doing it in sock yarn (colorway: pumpkin spice) from Brooke (whitewillow shop) at

Branching out, length

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 Okay, well, for those of you I’ve kept in suspense:


I am soo excited, and so nervous at the same time!  I do not know a thing about teaching and don’t even know where to begin, but this is what I’ve always wanted to do and I am so thankful that I get to do it.  Thank you so much to Brooke and her beautiful yarn without which I might not have convinced them I’m good enough to do this!:)  I think the woman was taken with the colorway.  She kept saying “Oh, this is just so beautiful, oh I LOVE this.”  I suppose hearing that can’t hurt!:)  I got my first SP gift a few days ago, pictures below.  I loved everything so much, especially the yarn which is a bamboo cotton blend.  I’ve always wanted to knit with bamboo but have never had the chance to.  So, I can’t wait for that!  Otherwise, I’m just livin’ life.  I suppose I’d better go clean the kitchen, I need to keep those ants at bay… 

 Well, here they are, the socks that got me the job!  Yay!  Thanks to Brooke and her amazing yarn, I’m now a sock-knitting teacher!!:) 

The socks that got me the job!

Here’s some of the stuff I got from my wonderful SP!  It also had some candies in it, which DH and I thoroughly enjoyed:)  Also, it had a “knitting for peace” postcard in it which is now displayed.  She also sent me a postcard from Reno!  So unexpected, thanks SP!!

SP gift stuff

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Knitting my fingers to the bone

This won’t be long, I just wanted to post since I feel like it’s been forever!  I went to the LYS on Friday to get a little something for my SP (and get some more yarn to finish a project in progress..) and got offered a job teaching a sock knitting class!  BUT- the catch: I need to bring in 3 samples of socks I’ve done to show.  Well, I only have one partially done and so I’ve been knitting at every free moment to try and produce 3 socks to take in tomorrow morning and see how it goes.  Well, I’m off to keep knitting, but I’ll post pictures and an update tomorrow!

 Wish me luck!!

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Wait! I thought it was spring?!

Funny how the weather works here in the Pacific Northwest.  It’s sunny almost everywhere in Washington, except where I live, where it has been pouring unbelievably all day long.  I’ve been trapped inside.  Luckily, I did get about 10 repeats of’s “branching out” pattern going (I’m doing it on hand-dyed sock yarn, although I didn’t dye it).  I will post pictures later.  I am waiting for DH to get home so he can light a fire for me:)

 I am still at war with the kitchen ants.  I swear, I’ve scrubbed the place down where there can’t be even a crumb of food and yet they still come.  Of course by the time I find them, they’re dead from the poison, but they do keep coming and so tonight I unleash my newest weapon: ant traps.  Let’s hope they work!  I cannot stand bugs, they make me feel all itchy and creepy crawly!

 Today, the knitty coffeeshop spring fling secret pals were announced so I got my secret pal and *someone* got me as THEIR secret pal, so yay!  I can’t wait to start all that excitement!!  Also, the kids are on spring break this week so that is nice, too, because I’m not having to wake up at 6 to drive them 20 minutes to meet the bus.  Anywho, that’s about it for this post, not too much exciting going on right now, I’ll post more pictures of WIP’s soon!  Also, I want to attempt dying my own yarn because I think it sounds like so much fun, so I’ll also post pictures of my attempt at that when I can.  Anyway, Ciao!

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We’re in the house! (and other WIP’s)

Well, it has been awhile since I was able to update this due to not having the internet!  I had to reschedule with Comcast 3 times before it finally worked.  We’ve been SO busy getting settled in!  So far, last week we did the moving, Saturday was unpack day and then Monday was paint the whole house inside day.  Tuesday we started work on the yard and the fence in back.  In the process of all this, DH decided he wanted a new job and so quit his old one (where they had begun to treat him like crap, undeservedly) and he is much happier now.  He actually had two days off in a row this week- can you imagine?? 😉  Anyway, see below for some of the stuff I’m working on.  I’m off to take advantage of the nice day!:) 

 I have started painting the inside portion of the fence in the backyard…  Boy does it need it!


This yarn is also from Brooke at (whitewillow).  I love it!  Now to find the right pattern…


Here’s one of my current projects: Queen of Cups #2 from gorgeous!  The sock project bag is from Brooke at her etsy shop (whitewillow).  So cute!


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Moving day is (almost) upon us!!

Here it is: moving day.  It was supposed to be today, but there was a mix up and a paper didn’t get to escrow from the seller on time, so we close tomorrow.  BUT, on the upside, we get to go in and start painting today.  My internet, cable and phone were shut off on Friday afternoon because we were supposed to have moved on Thursday to the new house, but no such luck, so I’ve been out of contact for a few days.  Lucky for me, a neighbor has an open internet connection that I can tap into!!  🙂  I’m going down at about 2pm to start my painting, I am painting pretty much the entire house.  Woohoo!  Color on the walls!  Something I’ve lived without for about 4 years now…  I have also continued to work on my second pair of “queen of cups” socks.  I also cast on a pair of “techguy socks” from  The yarn I’m using for my queen of cups is a GORGEOUS hand dyed merino from Brooke at her etsy shop: Check it out, she has some AMAZING stuff!  I’ll be posting pictures once my desktop computer is up and running again.  Caio!!

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Today was CRAZY

Well, the weekend was a bit lazy.  DH and I lounged around the apartment for a couple of days.  We went out to lunch and bought a few new games for our Wii on Saturday so we spent the evening playing those.  Pretty fun, nice and chill.

Today, though, was a different story.  I couldn’t sleep last night (due to the fact that I’d slept in Sunday morning) so I ended up staying up past 1 a.m. reading “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” because I’ve gotten back into it just in time to re-read it before the movie.  Anyway, I got up this morning to get the kids off to the bus by 8 a.m.  So, I got around 5 hours of sleep.  So, naturally I’m exhausted.  I need a good 8 to 9 to be fully awake.  So I get the kids off to their buses and then I have to get ready because I’m taking my grandma to the hospital for surgery (just lazer eye surgery) and she has to be there by 9:45 a.m.  She lives about 15 mins away from me, so I’m on the road by 9 a.m.  Then, we get there and have to wait for-ever for her surgery, which in itself lasts about 5 mins.  So we get done there and I drop her off at home.  I rush home to DH because we’re going to rush up to see the new house and my dad (who’s also our agent) only had a bit of time to show it to us.  We rush up there and get there at about 12:15 and look around at everything.  So that all goes well.  Then we leave seperately, DH goes to work, my dad has errands to run and I am on my way home.  But, I hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet, so I stopped on my way home for a bite to eat.  Then, I stopped by the LYS for some size 1 dpns I needed for some socks I’d like to make.  So, finally, at about 2 p.m. I’m on the freeway (called the “boeing freeway” because it runs directly through boeing) and I’m about to get off on my exit when I hear a horrible loud noise.  I get off the exit and the only place to pull over is in the Boeing driveway, so I do and get out of the car.  I walk around and my worst fears are confirmed: a flat.  Not just a little flat, COMPLETELY flat.  Oh, and did I mention my cell is almost dead?  So I locate the number for roadside assistance (since I left my AAA card at home of course) and get them to set up a tow.  The catch?  I have to wait an hour and a half for them.  And I have to pee.  Luckily I had my knitting.  At least I got through a full repeat on my sock pattern!:) 

The tow truck came and took me to DH’s work (he works at the dealer where we got our car) and I took his car to get the kids from their mom’s work.  Oh I suppose I forgot that tidbit: I had to call the kids’ mom and ask her to leave work to get them off the bus because I was stuck and couldn’t get them.  I took his car to her work and got them, then had about an hour to make all my phone calls and then had to rush DSD#1 to gymnastics from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Pretty boring until the end when I could actually watch what she was doing.  On the way out, DSD #2 slammed the door into the car next to us and left a BIG white scratch (my car is black…?) so that was lovely.  Of course, it was McDonalds for dinner:)

 Did I also mention this weekend that my BIL (marine’s) was sent to Iraq?  He left on Saturday.  The good news about it is that my sister is coming back weeks early, so she’ll be back home on Tuesday.  Yay!  It’s good for her too because she hates Hawaii.  Go figure:P

 Here’s our house:)  Ohhh I forgot to mention above- our closing is being pushed back because of this B of a lady that won’t send in ONE stupid paper.  We’ve put in multiple calls to no avail.  Hopefully tomorrow will be the day. 


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